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About Us

ELITE has come into existence after understanding the shortage of proper and knowledgeable IELTS Training Centers in Dehradun and Uttarakhand as a whole. As the demand for IELTS is increasing each day, lack of professionals in this field has left many students in jeopardy. There is a huge difference between teaching Basic English Language and preparing students for the IELTS Test. We are here to fill this void. We at ELITE, are a team of professionals who are determined to provide the real IELTS training in the correct way, as should be. Our team comprises of professionals who are highly trained in the concerned field with individual experiences of over 18 years of teaching IELTS, including the British Council. Our team also comprises of certified Migration Agents for Australia and New Zealand. We are also official partners with many colleges and Universities of Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA.


We at ELITE ensure that students/clients are provided accurate counselling and information and help candidates decide what module one needs to prepare for, in accordance to the requirement. Our motive is to inculcate the best understanding of the IELTS/PTE test to our students and to train them in a simple but professional manner, where, the student will be able to understand every skill that is tested in the IELTS Exams. We are committed to ensuring that our students are guided in the most professional and ethical manner and at affordable and reasonable expense.


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Institute for IELTS / PTE

Admission Started for New Season 2016-17
• IELTS / PTE Classes
• Spoken English Classes
• Personality Development.
• Personality Grooming.
• GD’s/PI’s Preparation.
• Job ready Training.
• Interview Cracking Skills.
• Basic Grammatical Skills.
• Abroad Study Consultation, VISA processing and documentation

"Whatever good things we build, end up building us."

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Important Dates

Academic Exam Date-26/08/2017 ,09/09/2017 , 16/09/2017
General Exam Date- 09/09/2017 , 30/09/2017
New Session Started Date-1/09/2017

Contact Info

 West Canal Road ,Mazra   Near St . Jude’s School   Opposite NCR Flats,  Dehradun,Uttarakhand.India
Mobile No:
Mrs. Pushpa Negi: 9837006193
Er. Siddharth Pratap Singh : 8449796193